All of our sustainability initiatives follow the proposal to contribute to the improvement of communities and our business. For this reason, we believe that growth is directly related to the development of those around us: customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders.

The basic principles that guide our actions are:

Education for human development and citizenship

Respect for environmental, labor and human rights laws

Constant search for open and constructive dialogue with all groups

Observation of the Code of Conduct and its ethical and legal principles;

Valuing local culture

Respect for the interests of our audiences

Promotion of good practices and environmental education

In addition, we also practice internal actions that provide security and employee training, reducing the number of occurrences, turnover and keeping the OHSAS 18001 certification up to date. Including:

Programa Acidente Zero (Zero Accident Program)

SIPAT (Internal Week for Prevention and Accidents at Work)

Rest periods during activities

Programa Guardião de Segurança (Security Guardian Program)

DDS (Daily Security Dialogue) and DGS (Managerial Security Dialogue)

Risk behavior observation program