Process and quality control

Minasligas uses ISO 9001 standards and maintains total quality control of all its production processes, in the qualification of the teams, investing in the selection of raw materials, in the production stages, in the modernization of equipment and in the training of employees.

In the industrial area, we have fully automated weighing, measurement, raw material transport and furnace feeding systems, ensuring greater precision and safety. To obtain high quality control throughout the production process, we have sophisticated and well-equipped laboratory facilities, highlighting atomic absorption equipment, X-ray fluorescence and devices for determining carbon, sulfur and phosphorus.

In addition to courses, training for professional improvement, it institutes a policy of participation in results, aimed at further encouraging everyone’s dedication and commitment to a common goal: to produce more and better, with safety and benefit for all.

Integrated Policy

Minasligas aims to supply ferro silicon, silicon metal and microsilic products that satisfy the needs and desires of each of its customers.

As an important step towards the sustainability of the business, we have a commitment directed to the development of actions aimed at:

Maintaining and improving the quality of products and processes, compatible with market needs, by controlling changes, risks and opportunities related to their processes;

Development of mechanisms that promote the control of risks related to occupational health and safety, maintaining the physical and mental integrity of the worker;

Respect for the environment, with the control of aspects and environmental impacts;

Compliance with legislation and other applicable requirements. The application and development of all these mechanisms in an integrated manner, aims at the continuous improvement and effectiveness of the management system implemented at Minasligas.

Data Privacy

DPO: Luís André Vilela – e-mail:

Minasligas follows the Brazilian laws and regulations in force, in addition to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament, precepts based on the protection and processing of data of the individuals involved in our daily lives. It is necessary to authorize Minasligas to carry out the processing of its personal data, as long as there is a contractual relationship between both parties. We ask you to fill in the fields below and send:

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Anti-corruption Policy

Minasligas adopts the Anti-Corruption Laws and does not tolerate any type of practice related to corruption by its employees, suppliers, any person, or institution that represents or acts on its behalf.

Compliance with anti-corruption laws also reinforces Minasligas’ commitment to uphold the culture of compliance, always acting ethically.

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